Sunday Seven #290

The world, clearly, did not end on Saturday as had been predicted. Most of us knew that this would be the case without having to wake up on Sunday morning to confirm it.

But let’s say that you knew — beyond any doubt — that your last day of life was just one week away.

Could you pick seven things you’d most want to do during those final seven days?

That’s the challenge for this week! Thanks for playing!

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Name seven things you’d want to do if you knew you had just seven days to live.

Oooohhh, a bucket list! Seven days makes it harder, though. Had I months, like Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, it would look complete different.

1. Liquidate all assets

2. Fly to Ireland, drive to the Black mountains.

3. Drink hot tea at the local pub every night.

4. Swing dance with the others.

5. Visit the royal family just because I have never met royalty before.

6. Have the Bean come to the pub.

7. Watch the sunrise one last time over the Irish Sea.


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