A Whole Two Days in the Hammock

My life is simple. I like it that way.

I spent yesterday and today in my hammock, just hanging (literally) out, reading and listening to music. It was perfectly wonderful.

(Meet Freddo, my friend from yesterday. He didn't say much but was still good company.)

Today was warmer, around 82 degrees F, not humid. I started out in the sun, had my breakfast (a salt bagel lightly buttered) and fell asleep. I woke up sweating and frying, so I moved the whole set up to a shady part of the yard and happily resumed reading. It made a huge difference. Moving from the sun to the shade dropped at least 5 degrees and there was a lovely breeze.

Who knew...

At 1400 I grabbed some Thai food (yum - Pineapple Fried Rice, level 4), ate a good lunch, did more reading, took another nap (I'm 43 years old trapped in an 80-year-old body) and then read for a couple more hours until almost 1800. I finally came in. Who knows why... there is nothing all that exciting inside.

Actually, I need to glue my jigsaw puzzle together so I can break open a new one. I am feeling the itch to do another 2,000 or 3,000 piece puzzle. There is something very relaxing about working on jigsaw puzzles with music playing - Coldplay, Barenaked Ladies, U2, Rammstein, etc.

Tomorrow I will spend the morning with my father - he has to get blood work done, then we'll grab breakfast (I'm really hankering for banana pancakes), and then we go to the DMV for me to renew my license (shiver). I always end up looking like Jay Leno (the chin) in my drivers license mug shot. Anyway, my father and I always keep each other company for trips to the DMV since one never knows how long the process may take. (Last time we went we found the Morristown secret DMV office closed. It was the best place in the world to go. It was on Speedwell Avenue and we just whipped right through there no matter what needed to be done or how many people were there. Now it's gone...)

Oh, shit... I wonder how many "points" of ID I need to do this? Damn. I better check that now...

Needless to say when I leave the folks at noon, I'm coming home, changing into shorts and heading back to my beloved hammock!


Mary C said…
We've had some issues with the DMV, however, yesterday my son and I breezed right through. He got his provisionary license. There was only 1 person ahead of us in the photo line. We definitely needed lots of ID though and took extra just to be sure!

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