And the Exploion Begins Early!


Within the first ten minutes, there was a huge mental down on Celerity Apprentice. (I couldn't believe it! NeNe Leakes became the Project Manager. She said she wouldn't mind doing it, but this was strategically planned by Star. (I agree with that. Star said as much in the end of the last episode when she brought in with NeNe by Star.) It would have been enough if she'd wanted to just say that and let it go, but the explosion went on for quite some time. It happened in front of everyone there - the apprentices, Mssrs Donald and Eric Trump and Ms. Ivanka Trump and the gentleman there who was the CEO of some haircare company. Ouch.

Star's mistake was to go after LaToya, who was an unbelievably weak link. She would have been DQd on her own anyway. But she managed rather easily to get rid of LaToya. Now she is gunning for NeNe, but she is aiming in the wrong direction. NeNe is not at all her biggest threat, it is Marlee. She has kept her own council at all times and never gotten into any kind of fracas with anyone else.

Here's an interesting side bit: LaToya showed up on the show just now, in Trump's private office and begged to be reinstated on the men's team. Now there is a development I hadn't seen. And Trump said as much: this is a first for either Apprentice. He said he would have an answer for her in 24 hours. I shudder to think...

NeNe was shocked to see Nikki Taylor come and help out the guys as a hair model. Hope was confused. (I suspect she's more threatened, since Nikki Taylor is much more attractive than Hope.) The ladies were clearly in a swivet, think Nikki has turned on them. Not for nothing, Nikki was fired on the first or second show! She doesn't have sides. She contacted some top models who came in to help out.

The ladies team were supposed to be in the show at 0800, the models and hairstylists were there at the appointed time and no ladies. They trundled in at 0830 and NeNe was complaining that the hairstylists need to relax. "Jeez," NeNe said, "Can't a bitch be late for once?"

If only that had been the one and only time that they'd been late... not really.

As usual, both teams have their issues and it will be interesting to see how the show itself goes. That will determine a lot of what happens in the boardroom, where the show's shit really hits the fan!

I find the women's presentation to be boring. Too busy, too much going on. Marlee did a great job for her little bit, but otherwise that was just too much happening. The hairdressers ran the sho more than NeNe did, who made the original announcement, but then disappeared. And then... the wrap up was Hope "walking" around the stage and runway, looking clearly uncomfortable. Yikes! (In Hope's defense, she did say she's never done runway work. There is a huge difference between photo shoot models and runway models.)

The men bounced out there and due to Lil John's total lack of rehearsal came right out. There were huge pockets of silence and nothing was said. When Nikki Taylor came out on stage, then the holes filled in and it was all good (mostly). It was better than the ladies. I'm not sure if the men nailed the branding. But the women's thing was lackluster and dull.

I was right. The men won.

The infighting did get right off to a merry old start, and then the men won and then LaToya came through the door join the men! Oh, the looks on Hope's and Star's faces! That was quite a blow! The women were aghast!

And then...

The show was interrupted by the announcement that Osama Bin Laden is dead!


Turns Hope got the axe for being spineless and wussy but also went it was Star's butt that was meant to be fired that episode! See that - sometimes right triumphs!


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