As the Staff Waxes

Last year in November, the staff began to wane, just as the moon does when it's past the full stage. The numbers began to creep down, heading ever more slowly toward the low times that January brings. I look forward to this time, once we reach October. It's been a long, fruitful and rewarding season, but winter brings (for me) a respite from the insanity that grips us all during the season.

Now, as we head toward the longer days and lingering sunrises and sunsets of spring, all is right with the world. As much as I loved the waning numbers and closing of departments and different things that dropped (such as the payroll), I have begun to look forward to seeing old friends and the fun bustle of outings and members happily heading to the links like Stratavarius to his beloved violin.

I miss a lot of the people who are gone on layoff: Mike, who always has great stories from his days of old on the force and now from his son's deployments; Marc, who always has a smile and a good laugh about something, the parttime guys, etc. There are a lot of good people who work for us and each and every one of them brings richness to my life. Ya gotta love that!

So it is with a light heart and a happy spirit that I am preparing for the next season of craziness and new faces and the return of missed faces. Different departments have begun calling out to its staff and soon the others will follow. It's seeing old friends that makes life rich!


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