A Night of Drinking

Oh, now, wait! You don't think I was out drinking, do you?!

Whew! Anyone who knows me knows I'm not ever going to engage in a night of drinking - especially alcohol! No, that is not what I meant. And it was not like going to my family's Christmas soiree and watching my uncle get hammered. Nor was it like going to the dinner in early January in a wine cellar (OK, I felt a little uncomfortable with the others' drinking, but hey, I wasn't keeping me up nights...

...figuratively or literally.

Last night I did not get to bed until 0400. It was hideous. We had two contractors come to the house. One is someone I know and he is a great person (and very good-looking!) and he and his partner are extremely knowledgeable. They took a million measurements and did all kinds of scoping and then spent two more hours talking to us about different options. And this partner! Holy cow! A Norse god - that's what I told Luis. Kevin is medium height, good shape and a face that invites harassment (he's really cute but in an adult sexy sort of way). When Erik got out of the truck, I am sure my face gave me a way! I had to have been staring. He was getting out of the monster truck... and just kept getting! He is very likely taller than Ray - who is 6'4" - and muscular and good-looking (sort of cute, but more hunky). A Nordic god.

I wonder if I was drooling.

Well, back to the night of drinking.

The contractor kids were here until just before 2200. And at 2200 we were blown out for a call - an MVC - on New Road. It was terribly windy and cold out, and now we have to stand outside extricating a complaining patient from his vehicle. We got there and I could see the truck, but not the damage. It was frigid with the wind howling through and my hands were hurting from the chill.

This is from the 21st of March... I guess I started it and never finished. So here it is! There is a posting from 27 March that covers the whole night and one more drunk on Tuesday!


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