Rain By the Bucket

I think it has finally stopped, but it has been raining all day, and not just raining and drizzling. In fact, there has been no drizzling... either hard rain... or torrential downpours! If it was as mild as drizzling, I've missed it. I suspect at least three inches of rain fell between 1500 yesterday and around 1530 today!

It's still grey and crappy here. I know that there is a possibility of snow but not enough to matter. It is very March here. I like the change of seasons, but I'm not crazy about this depressing weather. It's grey, dark, wet, chilly. Not exactly outdoors weather. I want to be outside again. I've been inside for what feels like ages. I want to drive home from work with the sunroof and windows open. I love that feeling!

So any time the weather is ready to change, I'm ready for it!


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