Iraqi TV Debate: Is the Earth Flat?

Just when you thought we were out of the Dark Ages:

"-From the transcript-

Interviewer: Lunar and solar eclipses, sunset and sunrise, and the changing of seasons -- how would you explain all these phenomena, if the Earth is not round, as you claim?

Fadhel Al-Sa'd: The sun circles the Earth because it is smaller than the Earth, as is evident in Koranic verses.

Have you ever seen how the sun moves? I have seen the sun moving. The sun makes one move every 24 hours.

What I say is based on Koranic science. He bases his arguments on the kind of science that I reject categorically -- the modern science that they teach in schools. This science is a heretic innovation that has no confirmation in the Koran. No verse in the Koran indicates that the Earth is round or that it rotates. Anything that has no indication in the Koran is false."

Ye gods. I thought the Geocentric theory was stomped all over with cleats on in the 16th century, but it seems I was mistaken. Hard to imagine that the world's stupidest Christians who buy into the "intelligent design" theory and this guy aren't the best of friends, isn't it? I get embracing religion even if I don't do it; but to toss your brain out the window as well? What is it that makes people do such painfully stupid things?!


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