Fat Women and Bathing Suits

Once again, the horror of Snooki has shown up in People Magazine. I don't get it.

She's wearing the tackiest bathing suit and it shows much more of her than I'd ever want to see. It's technically a one-piece bathing suit but that is only due to a very small patch of leopard print (ye gods) fabric covering not enough of her belly.

It would be one thing if she just stuck out a little from this but entirely too much of her sticks out from all angles. You might ask who am I to criticise, not having the perfect body myself, but I will tell you that I wouldn't consider putting on that nightmare suit with this body. Even with the weight I lost it is not worthy of showing that much - and those parts - off. Unless I'm posing for "Fat is Beautiful".

I partially admire people who are that comfortable with being overweight. Only partially, however. One should feel beautiful no matter what, assuming the "what" won't shorten your life or kill you. Being clinically obese doesn't fall into that category. Smoking doesn't make one beautiful, either. Having a mole, or a discolouration or something like that isn't going to hurt anyone (unless the mole is changing). Being obese will absolutely shorten your life.

On the other hand, this character Snooki is destined for mediocrity and a valueless life, so maybe in her case she should be proud of the body. It's the only thing that is making her famous.


Kate said…
Yes, more and more I see overweight people on the beach covering less and less. I have the same feeling like they feel to show more and more.

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