It's Almost Time....

...for bed.

Is this my age showing? I hate getting up late, I really hate being up late. It's 2349. Eleven minutes and counting.

I normally go to bed around 2130. I don't want to see midnight. I don't want to know about ante-meridian unless it is waking time - around 0500. I certainly don't want to see a.m. unless there has been eight hours of sleep in between prime meridian and ante-meridian. Thank you, good night.

But every Thursday night I see midnight and later show up, and I so don't want to see it (unless there is a Moon to look upon - then I might forgive it). I don't have a problem seeing the Moon setting - that is in the morning when I have had some sleep.

It;s our good fortune that the call we had happened at 1820. I like that hour. I love daylight. Gimme all the calls in daylight. (That's not going to happen, but wouldn't it be nice.) So in the daylight we tromped up to St. Barnabus. If you are going to have a problem, get sick, whatever, you may want to avoid this.

The service was not with a smile - far from it. The room assigned was a horror - far from it. And then... we went into the EMS room... and there was a huge machine! No more linens on shelves. It was a vending machine for linens! This crazy place spent $2 million to save $100,000 in linens. And did we get what we needed? Two sheets, no blanket. Way to go.

What the hell is a vending machine for linens doing in the EMS room? Do you think we are going to steal those crappy linens? Really?

That's it. It's midnight. Time to turn into a pumpkin.


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