Say Hello to the Spanish!

We received Planet 51 in the mail from NetFlix. It was cute.

I didn't know much about it until the credits rolled... and at least 85% of the names are Hispanic! Look at that! Turns out it was filmed in Spain. I was thrilled. I would have been more thrilled if it was filmed in Latin or South America, but Spain is a start. If you're wondering why I'm thinking that, see the post from 28 May, "The Anti-People Society".

That was the point of that post. And while the anti-people sentiment is by no means aimed completely at Latin and South Americans, in this part of the country, at least, that is the majority of it. I hate that sentiment. I never want to hear complaints about the Hispanic community when Americans don't want so many jobs because they are "beneath them".

Well, here is the proof. The film is good, good vibes, great animation, excellent music and almost all Spanish staff. So there. Take that! The film's only problem was that it was released just around the time of Avatar, the only good point of which was the technology. Funny how the technology was enough to make a bad movie this huge multi-billion dollar juggernaut... a movie that would have gotten one star in any other format.

Still, how cool is that! Bueno!


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