A Kid Leading a Life of Crime

Some kid in the Pacific Northwest is on a crime spree and - for reasons passing understanding - are idolising this loser. He's a hit on Facebook and has a cult following complete with tee shirts. This is not the best looking kid in the world and I'm offended that anyone wants to make him an idol.

Colton Harris-Moore is loose and stealing airplanes and crash-landing them (a pity none of them have killed him), hot-wiring boats, breaking into homes and stealing. The police have been unable to apprehend this stupid kid. I feel for the police. They have a million things to worry about and now they have this kid creating more headaches than they need.

I get the feeling from what there was printed on this that the mother, Pam Kohler, is rooting for her son. Yikes... what a responsible parent. (I'm not sure what is up with the kid's name, but that is the least of anyone's problems...) She seems to be less than interested in seeing him apprehended. But crash-landing planes sounds like someone who wants to be dead, and is too passive to do it. An odd thing, when considering how not passive stealing large items and breaking into homes would be.

Maybe he is looking for death by cop. That happens more often than I care to admit. I'm not sure why people want to die that way, it seems so callous. However, this is one kid that needs to be found and locked up fast, before he escalates and starts killing people. I'm rooting for the constabulary: go get this loser!


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