A Weekend of E-bay

That makes it sound like I sat in a dark room, glued to the computer, eyes wide open and affixed to e-bay. In fact, other than Friday's countdown to sharking that incredible crystal point, I hardly looked at e-bay.

Most of what I bought fell into the $10 - $15 range. I needed anklets now that I'm wearing skirts so I found a lot of nice, inexpensive anklets that went from $0.99 to $14.99. One was $44.10 but the whole thing is sterling silver and I have a bracelet that matches; I like sets when it comes to jewelry. (I should search for footprint earrings and necklace, too, come to think of it.) I bought seven candles (including the grapefruit rosemary pillar for the uncontested amount of $17.50) and one, the Beanpod Green Tea candle, arrived yesterday and is filling the sun room with its delicious aroma.

I won that lovely quartz point, which will come to a great home, along with another rainbow obsidian sphere stand. I can never have too many stands. In fact I need to get more, as once again the collection is beyond the scope of the myriad stands that I have.

There are three more anklets I'm bidding on, all $0.99 and they'll come to fruition tomorrow night at 23:23, long after I've gone to bed. I'm not feeling super competitive, and if I don't win I won't miss it - the seller apparently makes them or knows someone who makes them, so there will be more. And once the Renaissance Faires begin, that will be my main market for almost all of these items (except candles) so I can go look at the wares directly.

Still, that was a lot of shopping. And it will mean a lot of boxes showing up in front of my door this week. I love coming home to boxes!


Anonymous said…
Oooh! The grapefruit rosemary pillar sounds really great! My current favorite is cucumber melon. But fruit and rosemary is a wonderful combination. -- Susan Smith

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