A Tornado Watch?!

This is not Oklahoma!

If you believe that the only states to get the joy of twisters are in Tornado Alley, you are so mistaken. Tornadoes occur in every state, but some states average more than others per year. New Jersey averages three per year; Texas averages 124. I realise Texas is considerably bigger, however, I prefer the odds here. New Jersey is small but you can't fit 124 New Jerseys into Texas. I'll take my chances here.

And what are the odds that I will encounter another tornado in my lifetime? I already had one roar down the road less than 200 yards from our first house. That was in May 1999, in Parsippany. I still live in Parsippany, across town from our first house, but really, what are the odds? Slim. I hope...

That was scary as hell.

And it wasn't the typical tornado. Most tornadoes occur between 1500 and 1900, with 1700 as the peak point. Most of them boil across flat land (hence the popularity of Tornado Alley). But tornadoes can kill at time, any moment. They can be little concentrated wispy things or wide, destructive half-mile across forces of nature.

This one roared through Lake Parsippany like a freight train at 0330. It ripped up and redeposited trees, destroyed a couple of homes and rearranged some cars.

Two hours later, we've gone through the very small storms and came out unscathed. It's sunny and bright, although there are still bits of ominously dark clouds. Maybe a real storm will still roll through later.


Kittie Howard said…
Hope your poison ivy is fading. Probably from a spore in the air. I remember seeing on TV the devastation after the tornado ripped thru Lake Parsippany. Ouch! Sometimes Mother Nature is a roll of the dice, I suppose.

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