Pepper Spray Comes in Pink

We came back to the squad house from a call and on the table was the latest Galls catalog. I started leafing through it while we were chatting. And there on page 53 in the lower corner is Sabre Red Civilian Defense key chains... in black and pink. Seriously? Pink pepper spray? What for?

I'm sorry - my pepper spray has to match my outfit. I guess I'll have to go for the black one, since I don't own anything in pink.

It gets worse.

As I leaf through more pages, I find the plastic disposable handcuffs. Those come in black, blue, orange, pink, red, yellow and grey. When I think about arresting people, I want to be able to offer them options. "What colour would you like to have your handcuffs?" Never say I'm not all about what people want.

One can also purchase items that quite frankly I doubt anyone needs to have - such as leg irons. Why does the public need to have the ability to purchase this? Who needs to buy ballistic protection? Does the police department not supply their staff with this? Does the local constabulary not get their supplies from the department? And pink pepper spray... why?

I'm never thinking about what colour my personal protection comes in. There is something wrong with society that needs to purchase their damaging sprays or plastic handcuffs in colours!


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