I Have One Teeny Bubble of Poison Ivy


Where did I find this? I didn't think that a. there was any in my backyard and 2. I wasn't anywhere that I'd be in contact with it. (Yes, you don't want me to index your files.) I moved my hammock on the already manicured lawn. I wasn't in the back lines where the weeds grow. I never see it at work and since it isn't creeping around the office (wouldn't that be weird!) or inside the house, where did I find it yesterday?

I thought at first it was another evil bug bite but today it has a little bubble on top. The hallmark sign of poison ivy. Ugly! It won't spread unless I scratch it and burst the bubble. Then the liquid inside will spread it. I'm not worried about it - I know when to cover it and it's on my left hand, so I can't spread it so easily. And I have stuff to put on it from the last time I had it (maybe I should check the expiration date on it). So I'm all set.

But still... eeeiiiiuuwwww.

Again, I say, yuck.


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