I Have to Have This!

You cannot believe this staggeringly beautiful crystal!

I haven't been on e-bay in some time. There's a reason for this: it is dangerous. I love what can be found on e-bay - it's all there. Movies, bank notes, candles (I'm bidding on what has to be the last Grapefruit Rosemary pillar candle from Illuminations in the world), pens, CDs jewelry (yes!) and of course, crystal balls. This one is not a ball, but it is still amazing.

One of my favourites, Crystal Art World, has an amazing quartz crystal point up for bid. I made the mistake of bidding a couple of days ago when it was a mere $14. It is now a mere $66.99 with 30 minutes to go. There have been 19 bids and it will be a miracle if I can shark this sucker out from under the other bidders. There are 8 bidders at this point, and gods know how many are watching. Most of the time I remain a watcher especially when it is a hot ticket item. Malachite is usually a problem - everyone wants it. There happens to be a lovely malachite ball (55mm - good size) that is now up to $61 and the bidding ends in 2 days. It will likely be over $150 when bidding ends.

I got a malachite ball from the same seller and it is great. The first one I bid on and lost - by something horrendous like $1. I was crushed. But she put one up for sale, so I just bought it outright. This crystal point that is up for bid and ending now in 23 minutes doesn't look something that will be found again. I know my crystals.

This one is 129mm or over five inches long. It is very clear on the top, down at least midway. The clarity is incredible. And I snagged one of the images of it (at least it will be immortalised on my blog if I don't get it).

The last twenty minutes are killing me...

I won't go on Facebook until the bidding ends. With my luck, someone would want to instant message me while I'm busily attempting to shark this baby out from under the other 7 bidders and who knows how many other sharks. We all have figured out at some point that sharking has to be done for the really hot items. I learned that very early on.

E-bay must be a California-based business - all the times are listed in PDT (well, right now they are PDT; in November it will go back to PST.

I WON!! $76! I put in $99.99 with 3 minutes and 52 seconds and no one else bid! One of my theories was always that most people have more social lives than mine and go out on Friday and Saturday nights. So items that end on Friday and Saturday nights are more likely to have less competition. Now, you can bid with your cell phone, but I know that this is not as easy as using my laptop or desktop. And I was really surprised that there were no other bidders. At 4 minutes to go there was enough time for others to get in on the action and drive the price up.

Siobhan got in on the act of distraction by getting up onto the fireplace mantle to knock things off, to get fed, then after to sharpen her claws on the telly. Stupid cat! I finally put a throw on the end to keep her off. She'll knock off the spheres that decorate the mantle.



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