Say Hello to Hell's Kitchen


Luis started watching this show a couple of seasons ago. I vowed never to watch it, but eventually got sucked in. I don't usually care for Chef Ramsey, but this show wears you down. This season's contestants are an interesting mix.

One woman wore high heels in the kitchen and fell on her face. I'm not a chef and I know not to wear anything but comfortable flat shoes that will not slide in any kitchen. One woman has dreadlocks and said that people have the impression that she's the gross unwashed girl. (Note: dreadlocks come from unwashed hair. So that is the right impression.) One guy likes to slaughter animals. He wants to get to walk-in freezers. One guy has a tattoo of Hell's Kitchen on his midsection.


I'm always shocked and horrified when people show up with piercings, blue hair, dreadlocks, high heels... stuff that is not something you want to see. On anyone. (I personally find the eyebrow piercings, lip piercings really disturbing.) I'm used to clean cut people. I prefer clean cut people. Tattoos don't bother me at all. That's decoration in the true sense, not weird visible mutilation. (I know, I have pierced ears, so who am I to criticise? But I don't have holes in my face.)

One guy has his hair waxed. (That's also the one with the Hell's Kitchen tattooed on his midsection... that had to hurt.)

They are all kicked out - the women, the men, they are just getting the boot all over. These were full teams and now there are just nine total left. Now the nine are really sailing through and getting the dinner out.

It was Stacey who got the boot first. Luis and I thought that Fran should have gotten her ticket punched - she didn't know the difference between crab and lobster. She kept saying she had 30 years experience and put the wrong food into the risotto. But she got to stay and Stacey was told to go.

A disappointing start.


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