A.W.A.D. - Miscellaineous Words

Could you feature more practical words? That's a question we are asked from time to time. While some readers enjoy unusual words, others are looking for words that they consider more usable. Business or pleasure, that's what it comes down to, it seems.

Why not mix business with pleasure, I say. Put some of those unusual words to use in your memos, theses, and papers. They just might enliven the prose. With that said, this week we have tried to pick words one would considermore practical.

(del-i-TEER-ee-uhs) adjective

Harmful; injurious.

[From Greek deleterios (destructive), from deleisthai (to harm).]

(OLI-gar-kee) noun

A government in which a few people control all power.

[From Greek oligos (few) + archos (ruler).]

(mo-LIM-in-uhs) adjective

Massive; laborious.

[From Latin molimen (effort, weight, importance).]

(lu-GOO-bree-uhs) adjective

Mournful, dismal, especially in an exaggerated or affected manner.

[From Latin lugere (to mourn).]

(MUL-tee-i-tee) noun


[From Latin multus (much, many).]


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