I do! I feel incredible!

I've been exercising, cutting back dramatically on my sugar intake, living a healthier life in general. My back is getting better day by day. My body feels good and I've lost almost ten pounds. That is no small thing, for me!
The sun is shining, the trees are becoming more and more colourful every day. We had three days with thunderstorms in them in a row, a perfect way to close the storm season. Now it's in the low to mid-60s, dry and clear, some clouds in the afternoon, but mostly open blue skies! What more can one ask?

The house is in good shape, the laundry is done (except for the whites but that can wait for Luis to get home. That is the only missing piece to my happiness and domestic bliss at this moment: Luis. I'm patiently (sort of) awaiting his return from Troy, Michigan. I thought he might be home soon, but not yet. Maybe in the next hour or so?

I don't mind when he travels, but I love when he comes home. It's like a honeymoon. Life is even better. Absence to a degree does make the heart grow fonder. I'd be unhappy if he left for a long time, like off to a war. It's no mystery why marriages don't last if the partners are far away for a really long time. But the longest Luis has ever gone in one stretch was ten days. That was a little longer than I like but mostly, I'm happy when he travels. And happier when he returns.

So here I await his return!


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