Interview with Will Frank & Rebecca Nichols

Friday, October 12, 2007

Beauty & The Geek's Ultimate Revenge of the Geek
by Aimee Deeken

When competitors deemed Rebecca Nichols' canoodling with the season's male beauty, Sam, as rude and uncomfortable and perceived her teammate Will Frank an arrogant "King Geek," the peasants of the manor on Beauty and the Geek (Tuesdays, 8 pm, the CW) planned a revolt. To everyone's surprise, Nicole, the musicology geek, played them like a fiddle. When the pair spoke with, they were eager to explain themselves and apologize profusely. You were a strong team and won several challenges, but you two made a lot of enemies, too, from nominating other teams for elimination. Do you think that was ultimately what led to your downfall?
Will Frank: Absolutely. Choosing people to go to the elimination room was the part of the game that was so difficult.
Rebecca Nichols: You got enemies [from that] no matter what. Do you regret nominating Jesse and Erin the week before?
Will: We chose an option from a whole list of options — all of which sucked, and surprise, surprise this sucked, too. I don’t think it was the wrong decision, because there was no right decision. Erin seemed convinced that you, Will, only apologized to her after Jesse had won the last challenge.
Will: Honestly, that was the first chance I had. I'm sorry that I sent her there, sorry to have sent anyone there. I'm sorry I hurt her, absolutely. Rebecca, at one point you said you felt like Jesse and Erin nominating you was not fair.
Rebecca: Well, I knew in my head that it was revenge for the previous week. But I would have done the same thing; it was part of the game. I have seen Erin since: We decided to go on the [local] news together. When I saw her, the first thing I said was there were no hard feelings. Will, did you realize that a lot of people in the house thought you were being arrogant?
Will: I was completely oblivious as to how people were seeing me. Oh, god, I was mortified at the way I looked. I'm sorry I did things that made me look arrogant. That certainly wasn't the intent. I didn't want to lord anything over anybody. But at the same time, I look at what I did — the actual actions, not the interpretation — and at least I stayed true to myself. Rebecca, do you regret your relationship with Sam?
Rebecca: No, I couldn't help what I was feeling. Just because I liked someone who was another beauty, that doesn't mean I couldn't change and become a smarter person.
Will: And if I found out that she was upset at herself for letting herself have feelings, I tried to slap some sense into her. So it didn't bother you?
Will: Far from it. Sam struck me as a genuinely good guy. When Rebecca said, "Oh, I have to stop this," I'm the one who said, "Look, touch passion when it comes around your way; you don't know if it's coming back." So, Will, what did you think of Sam — did you have much interaction?
Will: Well, not as much interaction as Rebecca! [Laughs] I found him to be not at all the cold jock I expected, so I was quite surprised and pleased. How did you feel toward Sam when he nominated another strong team, Jen and William, to compete against you for elimination?
Rebecca: When we [lost and] went home, I had a lot of anger toward Sam at first, [thinking] that he'd stayed close [to] trick me into thinking I wouldn't eliminate him but he'd eliminate me. I started thinking maybe I did make the wrong decision [to pursue that relationship]. When you watched the episode on Tuesday, was that the first time you realized that Nicole actually instigated everything?!
Rebecca: Oh, yeah, I had no idea. Smart, but also very evil.
Will: That was a complete shock! She played Sam and Rebecca and me like a virtuoso. I was disappointed, but at the same time I was really impressed. But then, no hard feelings toward Sam, right, Rebecca?
Rebecca: No, not as of yet. [Laughs] I'm really curious to see what happens on the show... and a little scared. I hope he didn't do the same thing to any of the other girls as he did to me. You don't feel used, do you?
Rebecca: No, I don't.... You just never know. Did you talk to Nicole before leaving the house about the awkward night that she had to sleep in another room?
Rebecca: I apologized to her, and she accepted it and seemed OK. Little did I know she was actually planning revenge and wanted me out. We may have come across as being arrogant, bad people, but we're not mean, we're not out to get anybody. If anyone else was in the same situation as us, they probably would have been looked down on as well.
I met Mr. Will Frank and the honest guy you read about here is the same man I met. I was impressed right down to my toes. And I would happily talk to him again. He had a lot of interesting insight to being on Beauty & The Geek. It was very enlightening. I don't think he told me anything inapppriate, anything that isn't public knowledge. He had mentioned the make-over episode, which I hadn't seen, but it had already aired the previous Tuesday and I just hadn't the time to see it yet. We had a charming conversation and I met someone who is really himself, on and off the air. A nice experience, undoubtedly!


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