Not Just Stupid Contestants...

Apparently the contestants of "Beauty & the Geek" are not the only stupid people. The guys are mostly not stupid, except for where they get sucked into the created drama. The women are abysmally stupid and the one token good-looking, non-geeky guy is right in that category. So, it turns out, is the one not-stunning, very intelligent woman. She completely exposed a person who only cares about herself.

However, the portions where the contestants are whispering to each other quietly exposed some idoit - probably several - on the show in the background. Two of them were whispering about Will and his partner winning and how they come across as the "cross they have to bare."

Bare. As in naked. Not "bear" as in carry!


OK, so someone didn't know (a writer? I certainly hope not) or made a mistake typing up the whispered comments (which were clearly audible, anyway). I ask you, how did someone miss that in proofreading this?! Helllllloooooo! That was just unbelievable. I could not believe that. And no one caught this?

It's staggering to me that these women are so dishearteningly stupid. Not ignorant; stupid. There is a huge difference. One contestant, when faced with the prospect of building and launching a rocket said that she didn't know anything about rockets or astrology, really. Yikes...

I know I am not attractive by any means... my teeth are terrible, I'm overwieght and have a Jay Leno chin, and I'm just not a pretty woman. But as much as I would love to wake up one morning to look like Michelle Pfeiffer, I'd really not be willing to give up my brain. I love having a brain.


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