The Struggles of Eating Right & Weight Loss

I'm weighing in at 188.5. Constantly for the last four days. I'm not happy.

All this cutting out sugar is a weird thing. It's the best thing to do but it is hard and amazing how much has sugar in it. And it is not an all day struggle. It is an at home struggle. I can fairly easily handle the whole dieting and eating right thing at work; I did it nearly effortlessly on vacation. At home, I fight with it like crazy.

Today I had Cheerios in the morning, about half what I normally eat. For lunch I had chicken. That's it, folks, just chicken. I came home, did my yoga and ate three small slices of pizza with fresh garlic. I did not, to my credit, eat anything else. And yet, despite all that, I'm still holding at 188.5. Not exactly encouraging. A plateau this early on seems very disheartening.

Last night at Tara and Derek's wedding I had a little alcohol, a couple of hors d'whatever (I hate spelling that word, believe it or not) - nothing fried, a few bites of the chicken entree (how is that the stuff served in the cocktail buffet are incredible but every wedding mainline meal is dust? How does that work?!), and a sampling of dessert - all of which was worked off with an inordinate amount of dancing! My blood sugar measured 124 when we got home. Tonight it was 132. Hmmmm... not good. Luis said it was fine, but he doesn't know as much about diabetes as I do. 132 compared to some patients who have had readings in the 300, 400 and 500 range is low. However, it is not the 120 I'd like it to be.

Well, I'll just keep on struggling until it bloody well works!


CrystalChick said…
You go girl!! It'll happen. And when the levels sort themselves out, you just have to go with the look of your bod. A number weight wise doesn't mean anything, but if you are comfy and the other numbers are okay, then be happy!

Yesterday I had a committee meeting with my astro group and the Prez just started a strict 10 day NO FOOD diet. It's got some strange liquid concoctions, like maple syrup and cayenne pepper, and salt water, etc.... ICK. It's a cleansing diet and her and her daughter are giving it a go. They have been under HUGE amounts of stress with the daughter/sister dying so I guess they feel a need to rid themselves of toxins, etc.
They made it thru the other 3 of us scarfing down everything from grilled chicken caesar to BLT to french fries. I would have caved. LOL
too much blogging??? NO WAY! LOL

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