Fully Deserving Vacation

It seems like the same time that I am careening toward my week-long vacation, three million things happen as well, putting all kinds of roadblocks and snags that need to be figured out before I leave.

Even worse, inevitably, something goes really, really wrong. I return from my lovely time off, I'm tired, but happy, looking to see how much extra abuse is awaiting me from a ten day vacation (there are two weekends in there, you know). Somehow, something always manages to go hideously wrong while I'm away. Amazing. Last year it was the dental plan; that was the biggie. And then I let the two H-2B Visa programs languish until I came back, which was a mistake, especially since I came back with a delightful (ha, ha) case of the flu. Typical - I always get something in the autumn (sadly), but I'm thinking this year I got it already and so now I'm done.

It's mid-October, you know what that means... I need to go get my flu shot. Groan. I am not thrilled with the idea. I need to do it, though, as an EMT, and even though I'm still benched (WAAAAH), I will get it done to make sure that when I am cleared to return to full active duty on the squad, I will be ready for it. And all the patients that will (hopefully) have the flu that is in the category of the 60% I'll be innoculated against. (Somehow it seems that inevitably, I come in contact with one of the 40% I am not inonoculated against. How is that?

Well. It is time for bed and I am fading fast...


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