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Sometimes there is so much going through my mind, it seems as though it may explode. Is everyone like that, or goes through times like that? Or is it just me? People do and think so much that they do not admit to - all those little idiosyncrasies, ticks and foibles, the things that make us all unique but terribly uncomfortable. My mind is always bouncing around. I mostly don't mind... but the blogging is a big help with this. When my mind has too much in it, I can sort of empty it out into this.

Which doesn't necessarily mean it is over and done with but is more of a starting point... A point of departure, as Rush has sung. I love music for that reason, too. Sometimes music says what I can't (not that there isn't much that I can't say). That's why in November I like to post a song a day. All those songs that make me feel whole, alive, have captivating lyrics... they all go up here. I enjoy sharing lyrics. There is so much richness brought to life in music.

I'm missing Luis, and it is 1849 and he still isn't home, which is a little worrying. He usually isn't gone this long on a weekend trip.


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