A.W.A.D. - Short Words

The sharper the point of the needle, the more easily it goes through. The thinner the blade of the sword, the more swiftly it cuts through. Often the same goes for words. A short, potent word helps convey the idea in just a few letters. This week we'll feature a few single-syllable words, and in the spirit of this week's theme, we'll keep this paragraph short.

(kairn) noun
A heap of stones set up as a landmark or a memorial.

[From Scottish Gaelic carn (pile of stones).]

(wax) verb intr.
To increase, to grow, or to become.

[From Old English weaxan. Ultimately from the Indo-European root aug- (increase) which is also the source of auction, authorize, inaugurate, augment, august, auxiliary, and nickname ("a nickname" is a splitting of the earlier "an ekename", literally, an additional name).]

(weeld) noun
A woodland.

[From Old English weald (forest).]

(ekht) adjective
Authentic; typical.

[From German echt (genuine, typical).]

(lee, lay) noun
A grassland.

[From Old English leah (meadow). Ultimately from Indo-European root leuk- (light) that has resulted in other words such as lunar, lunatic, light, lightning, lucid, illuminate, illustrate, translucent, lux, and lynx.]


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