The Second Day in February

The first day of February was good in some ways, bad in weather, and worth posting about, but the day was packed - workout in the morning, run home, shower, go to work, do Orientation, have a good discussion with John, work some more, leave work at 2140, drive home, and CRASH. Actually, I got some take-out from Pat-Thai across the street and then crashed.

Today I awoke at 0900 to empty house, had breakfast, showered and went to Lucy's to have my legs, armpits and eyebrows. The legs were a bit shocking at first, but with flowing conversation, it went quickly and fairly painlessly. The armpits were brutal. Shaving regularly since age 13 makes for very thick blunt hair, and it took several pulls to get the hair out. I have been assured by both Lucy and later my mother that this will get easier.

Everything is silky smooth, and I love that!

I left at 1300, went to my parents' house, and Ray and I did some things online, then went out to Lord & Taylor's to exchange something (a watch for fuzzy lined clogs) and then to Barnes & Noble to exchange a book and spend a gift card on books, then to Staples to get a couple of things. Then I went home to get ready for dinner.

Image: Me with one eyebrow half-done.
We met Tom, Alayna, Matthew and my parents at the Sakura Japanese Hibachi Grill, and the meal was delicious. I had the shrimp and ate WAY too much of it, but if I have to eat too much of anything, shrimp is good! I did have a little ice cream cake that I arranged with Sakura for Ma's birthday, and did not have them throw mine in with it (the temptation was there!). We all had a really great time. Even though I'm coming down with a cold (I have a sore throat and am drinking a ton of Airbourne), I had a wonderful time.

A good start!


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