This Company Has Rocks In Its Head!

My husband's company, after 25+ years, has finally decided to get some HR input into their works and develop better corporate standards.

Towards that end, they are developibg a handbook. Luis is weeding through it and reading bits and pieces to me. It actually states in there that employees will be paid vacation upon termination. WHAT?!

They are giving employees five personal days and three sick days. That's generous, but in the wrong order. It should be five sick days, three personal days.

The vacation package is a little strange... two days for the first year of service (STINGY), one week until three years of service, two weeks until seven years of service. Who came up with this?

I wonder about them all the time. They have alcohol on the premises, they allow harassment of the worst kind, they are just so ignorant of the issues that these things can cause. And they have an enormous harrasser working there.

We shall see how this works out.


CrystalChick said…
Ah, but what do you really think??? ;)

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