Leap Day!

Let's face it, how many Leap Days do you get? This is my eighth one, I think. Not many... so might as well make the most of this one. It has been a good day, I really cannot complain. And it closed on a really high note.

Last night was not so good - I dragged myself across the street to do rig check and was very tired with a breaking voice. At five minutes to 1900, we were blown out for an MVA on Route 46. We raced down there and upon arrival, went to the rear-ended car... at least, that's what Ptl. Griffin told us. I didn't believe him for a split second - he's a great guy and I wouldn't doubt him but there was not so much as a scratch on the bumper. Not even paint transfer...

I went to her, and opened the door, telling her to not face me and stay right where she is. She said that she has nech and back pain (I'm mystified as to what the pain was from, still). So I got in the back seat and did head stabilization, and Bob was collaring her. Rob must have checked on the other patient. We got this one all boarded and ready for transport and fifteen minutes later when she was packaged, Bob sent me to the other patient to get an RMA.

The other driver, a 21-year-old woman, was fine and had no complaints. She told me that she looked down for a moment to adjust the radio and there was a faint tap and she'd bumped into the car in front of her. She asked what was wrong with the other driver and I replied that she is working it up for insurance. I reassured this driver that the police report would show no damage to either car.

To be sure, I had looked at the front of the guilty party's car - nothing. Same as the other car - untouched, no damage, not even a scrape. Cars are designed to crumple and show a lot of damage now, especially the guilty party of a rear-ender. Both cars were newer and would have shown some kind of damage even if the collision was five miles an hour.

I really feel that tickets should be issued to people who take an ambulance or any emergency vehicle out of service for a non-existant problem! I'd feel better about it.

I came home coughing and hacking and feeling competely awful. I wanted to go off at 2200 but Bob had just me so I stayed on until midnight. I'm delighted to say that nothing happened. I don't know if I'd have survived any more time outside.

I'm on tomorrow night, but hopefully it won't be so bitter cold.

I went to bed around 0045, but I got the laundry done and the bedroom straightened up. I feel good about that. Luis woke me up this morning for a little romp and thus the day began. Its fine - his penis did not begin the day at 0500, it started at 0750. I'm okay with that.

I got up and showered and stopped at Dunkin' Donuts on my way in. I got to work at 0920 and got caught up on my tasks. My intern came and finished his project and I was glad of that. I won't have him the next two weeks but I have been promised that I will get him back after the rotations that were scheduled are done.

I left at 1510 (not right on time, but close enough). I went to the bagel place on Route 10 to meet with John O'Neill, whom I'd worked with at USII. It was so great to see him! I've missed him a lot. He was the Operations Manager and I was the HR Generalist there. He's working at Novartis and is a lot happier there. I'm delighted. He really put up with a lot of abuse (as we all did) at USII. None of us miss them.

We were there until 1800 chatting and then we went our separate ways. I came home and Luis was home already. Now it is snowing and piling up and it does look nice.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a little crazy. Luis wants to drop his car off at Acura for them to fix the lock on the passenger door. I have an appointment with Lucy to get my hair done. I need to stop at a jewelry store in Kenilworth and then at work to get some payroll books for a last minute project that's come up. Then I need to stop at the dry cleaner's and get our quilt and my sweater and drop off a couple of other items. I think that this is it.

So it was a good leap day!


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