Wife Swap - Where Do They FIND Them?!

This show started out well, last season or whenever it began. Now, it's gone waaaaay downhill, but with the writers' strike, beggars can't be choosers - anymore. We keep hoping this will end, but it seems the writers can hold out longer than we the viewers can.

This week's families:

The overwieght mid-Western woman with an absolutely useless husband who is into truck-pulling. Good gods. Every time I think they've hit a new low in hayseed digging (this guy is a mental midget), they find someone dumber and more self-absorbed than the last one. The woman does everything and Mr. Useless has ripped apart the kitchen and bathroom and did not do anything to put them back together. Seven years that kitchen has been under construction.

This guy started things off by saying, "In this family, we believe in finishing everything we've started." LYING sack of--- well, you so get the idea.

The other family is a little odd, but not as dysfunctional. The mother, Cory (maybe it is Corrie), is useless - she is all about the way she looks. It takes her ninety minutes to get made up. Shit, I'm in and out of the shower, dressed and ready to go in less than an hour. That is the whole thing, from getting up, showering, doing my hair, getting dressed, packing up for work - this is the whole nine yards!

This woman does nothing around the house - she doesn't like dirt and doesn't want to ruin her nails. Her nails. Wow. GET OVER YOURSELF! The daughter, Tuesday, who is 15, is fast heading down the road for early motherhood, and is totally useless. It's amazing.

This show needs help in a big way.


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