Klinger's the Best!

In M*A*S*H, Maxwell Q. Klinger is always smiling and ready with a quip or joke. I love people who are happy and real (not that false paint every cheery even when you really can't). He's great.

I'm watching the episode The Birthday Girls, where a wounded cow is immenently giving birth to a calf and Margaret Houlihan's upcoming birthday is supposed to be celebrated in Tokyo. Klinger started to drive her to Kimpo to catch her flight, but the roads were out and the jeep keeled over and they were stuxk out in the wild. At one point, Klinger left her a bran muffin with a burning match to celebrate her birthday...

She came over to where he was sitting behind the jeep and said, "I have half a bran muffin going cheap."

He responded, "I have a half a flask of cheap Scotch going fast."

Gotta love that.

He's always smiling, and I usually am, too. And I'm lucky in some ways, I'm fairly easily distracted by other things. People smile at me and I smile back - usually genuinely. Others can always see when I'm upset and some have noticed that I've been upset for a while - I'll get through it.

I know another person at work who is in a funk, and I like talking to him more now - I think we understand each other even more than usual now. Two people in a funk.

Oh, and how is this to test one's patience? Luis is sick - again - the third time this year! It is only early February - not that far into the year. This is a guy who rarely gets sick in five years, so five weeks is saying something!

What a week... what a year.


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