Bella Luna

The harvest Moon was rising over the squadhouse last night. It was stunning. I have more photos of it but I have not yet downloaded them onto the computer. So there is this one, which is kind of dark but shows beautiful detail of the face of our lovely full Harvest Moon.

While the Moon is beautiful to me in all of its phases, whether it runs high or runs low, at apogee and perigee, in conjunction with other planets, so many people don't even see it. How do you miss that enormous gorgeous satellite of ours? How does anyone miss so lovely a sight?

In the hours of 0430 - 0630, the crescent Moon will be in conjunction with Venus (who is brilliant in the early morning hours now), Saturn and the blue star Regulus. I will absolutely be up for that. I would not miss that for the world! That is a Sunday morning, so I can happily set my alarm for 0430, get up, dress, take my beloved telescope out and view this incredible quartet up close. I can also get photos of it through the telescope - something I've done before.

Cross your fingers for me!


CrystalChick said…
Oooh I do hope you get good photos! This one is sure nice. It came out better than the ones I got the other night did. Yes, the moon is awesome isn't it??
Chat soon.

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