Fall Foliage is A-Comin'!

I took a look at the map on Weather.com to see what the fall foliage was looking like. Here, it appears to me as though autumn leaves are starting early but only on select plants, such as poison ivy and the younger maple trees. Neither of my older maples have shown so much as one odd-coloured leaf, but the stripling maples across the street, in Volunteer's Park, those are definitely well on their way to changing from their usual lighter green to bright orange and red now.

The very tall oaks in the back yard are completely indifferent to calendar and lunar seasonal changes and are not showing any change at all. I imagine that in hte next week or two that, too, change.

So far the US fall foliage map seems to think that the autumn leaves have not yet made it to New Jersey. So far, except for those two notable differences, they are correct. As I drive by the many trees on my way home from work (my trip to work is made in the darkness), I see mostly normal looking trees, except that a couple of them will have one small burst of colour - a cluster of anywhere between 6 and 24 leaves in a brilliant yellow. That tantalising first show!


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