Looking At MySpace Differently

Hiya, Mary!

I was impressed with what you wrote about MySpace and your experience with it. Phred sounds like he was a really nice guy and he just wanted to talk to some one, and you happened to be listening at the right time. He may have been fishing for a lover when he found you but instead found a friend. There is nothing wrong with that and everything is right about it.

I'm sorry that your husband got really riled about that. For most people that is where is the insecurities of life come into play. Jealousy is one of the most common forms of the uglier side of people and the easiest to show. I used to be a jealous person, but I realised when I was 19 or 20 the only person who was terribly miserable and unhappy was me, not the object of the jealousy. So I just stopped. I have never looked back, never allowed such a hideous green monster to rear its ugly head. I'm a very happy and unencumbered person.

I also understand the whole affair thing is really just physical. I happen to agree with that. A love affair through letters and e-mails but never consumated is just that - correspondence. You can discuss sex, that hardly means you are having it. But in men that is a common fear. I suppose it is a bigger - or maybe just much more obvious - fear in women. I have seen women get so bizarrely jealous over a man. I refuse to fear or hate all women because they might want Luis. And if one did and he slept with her, the only person I would be mad at is Luis. People argue that with me all the time. Everyone seems to feel that the culpable party is the woman who lures away the man. If the woman expresses interest in Luis, well, that is what any man or woman does when they are interested in another person - regardless of gender. It is what Luis does in that situation. That is the only thing that matters in that scenario. I am not going to hold it against someone else for his actions. He is an adult and that is what happens to adults who make less than sound decisions.

Well, be that as it may, I still have not found anything other than the meatmarket look that MySpace seems to have. Not that Blogger hasn't got a few bottomfeeders or just meat-hunting people too, but my general impression, Mary, especially after finding you and some of the people you've listed and that they have listed as well, is that people on Blogger are mostly there with something worthwhile to share. You are. The others I read are. I am.

If you would, direct me to some of the better MySpace places and I will be happy to revise my opinion of it.


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