In the Wee Hours...

I awoke this morning and realised that I needed to move my car, since we have graciously "donated" our driveway to my squad for parking while they hold the Community Garage Sale. I was supposed to be in it, but pulled out last week. I don't think my back can handle that.

The first thing that struck me was the sight of Venus in the still dark sky. (It is now getting light enough in the east that Mars and Regulus are no longer visible.) I moved my car, then took out the binoculars to get a better look at things. Venus looks more like a planet through the binoculars, as does Mars - they look like discs. But I want pictures. I stopped in the house, swapped my binoculars for my camera and attempted, yet again, to take more photos of Venus and a couple of Mars.

The western setting moon is easy. I'm well aware of what I need to do to manipulate the camera to give me good moon shots. Venus is brilliant but small and I can still do it, but it is harder. Mars was damn near impossible. I need to bring my telescope to my parents' house so that Ray can help me put it together again.

It's not apart, per se, but I had loosened up too many things and it won't stay on the stand and I can't seem to train it on anything. That ruined the last eclipse completely and I really want to see the conjunction of the Moon, Saturn, Venus and Regulus Sunday morning. I do not want to miss this.
Ray is really good with fixing things, so I think he can do this. And once I can train my beautiful telescope on things, then I know I can take really great photos of the stars and planets. I've done it before.
Still, here is what I did get.


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