Milk Money

This is a cute movie. It has Melanie Griffith, Ed Harris, and a few cute kids. Malcolm McDowell is in it, too. This was made in 1994 (yow - 13 years ago), so this is before she went nuts and collagened her lips and now looks like an alien.

Three kids made enough milk money ($103.64) to go into the city and find a hooker to see her naked. She showed them her breasts (having seen the other movie she was in as a secretary who suddenly becomes management, where she was vacuuming naked, they are well worth seeing) and they were really happy. Later on, she sees them in the pouring rain and drives them back to the suburbs.

At one point he needs to do an oral presentation on the human reproductive system. He locks the teacher out and has Vee come in and wearing a flesh-tone body suit, draws ovaries, fallopian tubes and a uterous and explains all of this to the class. It is done with 40s music in the backround and the scene is really funny. It is very cute. I like Ed Harris a lot. He was also in Apollo 13 as well - brilliant.

Anyway, it is a really cute. I'm just having trouble staying awake because of the back stuff.


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