October, November and December's Ember Days

Well, folks, the tallies are in - almost. When I return home from the Renaissance Faire today I will know for certain how December will look - so far, at 0907 this morning, it looks overcast.

Wednesday - weather was mild, beautiful, clear skies, no humidity (in the low 30s, which for New Jersey is nothing); perfect.

Friday - warmer, but still beautiful, clear skies, low humidity (in the mid-40s, still very low for New Jersey)

Saturday - the weather at this moment is cool with dropping humidity, overcast skies. There is a 20% chance of showers today after 1400. We shall see. Right up until 2000 when I checked today's farecast, it showed clear skies and a high of 88 degrees. (I'm not showing temperatures here for the simple fact that those will not be accurate reflections of the latter months. Except Wednesday, which was closer to the norm for October... But temps in the 80s will assuredly not be the average for December, no matter how mild it is!

OK. Well, I shall return tonight to update this!

Bad news - December won't be so glorious. And if the way the meteorologists screwed up Saturday, if that falls into the folklore of Ember Days, then we are screwed for an entire month of completely inaccurate weather forecasts. Everyone read and/or heard the same forecast that I had up until this morning: low 80s, beautiful clear sunny skies and low to no humidity.

As I had seen the skies the previous two days, I kept thinking that those high up mackerel clouds were presaging bad weather. I know weather - or I at least understand the different kinds of clouds and those horsetail clouds that look reminiscent of the fusilage trail left by airplanes way up high mean poor (or rather precipitative) weather in 24 to 48 hours. It would have been a boon to have it on Friday, rather than the start of the Club Championship and the last Saturday of Ren, but it was coming at its own pace and showed up early morning of Saturday instead.

Stupidly, I kept convincing myself evertime I saw those clouds, that the forecasted weather is still clear from now (Thursday and yesterday) through the weekend and into next week. WRONG! I knew better and still I doubted myself.

Anyway, the real deal was that Saturday was temperate (around mid-70s), wet and had intermittent downpours. The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a mild winter in December for the Mid-Atlantic region, so I guess that we will see some rain then...


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