Cat Fur

I have two cats, Siobhan and Sorcha. Both are classified as American short-hair cats, although given Sorcha's size, I'm guessing there is some Mainecoon in her. She's a huge cat.

She's also the most fur-producing cat in the history of fuzzy animals.

Siobhan sheds to some degree - at least I think so, only because most cats with some fur do shed. Both Ariel and Chelsea shed fur; my grandmother's crazy Siamese cat Fuji shed; my father's cats including Figaro, Callie and Carlton shed; every cat I've known has shed. But then there is Sorcha - who sheds by the pound!

My laptop was covered with fur! I found Luis' can of air and cleaned it all off the screen, out of the keyboard and off the screen area where I can move my finger around as the mouse. There was tons - measurable amounts of fur! This cat is shedding more fur in a day than all three other cats I've had as an adult did!

Where does it all come from? Usually shedding is a response to warm temperatures. Luis keeps the house set to 74 F and I'm freezing my butt off in the summer; in the winter we keep the house around 68 to 70 F and she's still shedding long bits of fur. That's the other thing. She is not a long hair cat but when you see the fur on my clothes or furniture, it looks like she does have long hair! And they are unmistakable. They have stripes with the white, grey and odd peach colour.


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