Grey's Anatomy Season Six Finale

It was shocking.

It opened up with a big black screen reading VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED - VIOLENT CONTENT. Okay... it's a hospital show. There's usually blood and other usual hospital finds... how bad could it be?

It was bad.

It wasn't ten minutes into the show that Gary Clark, lost in the hospital, suddenly shot Dr. Reid in the head. Point blank, right in the middle of the forehead. It was so shocking I cried out. It was just out of nowhere. BANG... She was there in a pool of blood. And when Dr. Karev walked in, BANG again. He had started to raise his hand and turned so he was shot mid-axillary - which means at the least a collapsed lung. (They had to do a chest tube later.)

When I did my ER time in April 2004, a man was medi-vaced in to the hospital and they sent me up with the team to get him. He drove into a tree and was in bad shape. Generally the tree wins. We got him down to the ER trauma and he had a tension pneumothorax. They put a hole into his lung and then told me to put my finger in there. HOLY COW. I kept my finger in there and then when he was gone, I asked for orange juice, to get my blood sugar back up and get over how pale and shaky I was. No EMT will ever have to do that in the field. It was staggering to have my finger in someone else's lung...

I've wandered from the topic.

This man went around shooting people in the hospital. And he had excellent aim, especially for someone who'd never had a gun. At one point he pulled Bailey out from under the bed where she was hiding and said, "I'm sorry... sorry for the mess. I'm sorry." For the mess? Seriously? Because this is the biggest problem you have?



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