What a Weekend!

It was a four-day weekend. And that sounds great, right? Most people want to be home or away from their jobs.

I like mine enough that like Luis, I prefer to be there. He loves, loves, loves his job. For so many years, I didn't understand it. Like too many people, the balance of what I love to do was offset by things about the department or company or whatever. It's not so now. It's unique and great. It's also structured and interesting. My home life is not terribly interesting. Most of the time, I'm perfectly happy with it; this one (twice as long as most) it was not. Although today was great.

Add to that Luis had to go out to Chicago area (some place called... uh... Northfield? I think that's it). He went out there to pull someone's bacon out of the fire. This is not one of the "I love my job" items for him, I might add. As much as he enjoys his work, advice not taken and irresponsibility on the client's side is more than likely the issue and he had to go there on an 08:30 flight Saturday morning, start working the minute he arrived to restore their data and then not get out until 20:00! Each day! He called me about 45 minutes ago, groaning - brain overload.

He decided to see a movie (not Iron Man 2, though, we are supposed to see that together) to detox his brain.

What have I done all weekend? Thursday night into Friday morning I was on call, which made me cranky right at 06:00. I tried to get some sleep but I feel headachy and off-schedule all day, when I don't get sleep, so I took a nap from 08:30 to 13:30. I was showered and dressed by 14:30 and Ray showed up at 14:40. He and I had Thai food (oh, soooooo love Thai food. I've lost over 40lbs on this food), then began the torture of moving the sky chair. It was too far over near the wall with the fireplace and the telly.

This was more a comedy of errors than anything else but we did - finally - get the job done. Funny thing is that the chair hangs facing the right direction but when I get in it, it swings a quarter to the left, so I'd have to turn my head to the right see the telly. So I hung the chair the other way. It faces into the dining room, but when I get in it, it turns slightly to the left. I have to turn my head to the left. GRUMP, GRUMP, GRUMP.

Then I hung out until bedtime and that was Friday.

Saturday - went to Lucy's and had my waxing and then Kathleen did my massage. I then ran up to Rockaway Mall to run a couple of errands. I came home and hung out in my hammock for a while, then had dinner, did some things around the house and went to bed.

Exciting, huh?

Yesterday - hung out in the hammock, read most of The Testament by John Grisham. Drank tons of water, took a nap in the warm sun, was evicted by mosquitoes (the bloody &**$*#&!!), came in, did stuff around the house and... you guessed it, went to bed!

Today - woke up as usual at 0500, went back to bed and got up at 08:30. Showered and dressed in my EMT dress uniform and well! You would not believe how fat I was 7 years ago when I got that shirt for the first emergency person funeral. Let me tell you, that shirt fit like... a tent! It's at least three sizes too big. I need to go get new dress whites - one short-sleeved, one long. And soon. We'll have more events where I'll need them.

I was at the squadhouse by 10:40 and had water, camera and batteries for the parade. You may have seen some of them posted on Facebook (say helloooooo to men in uniform!), so you know as well as I do I was busy with that camera. I made it as far as District 5... but missed the main images of all three squads - 65, us (66) and 69 together. I'll have to have Betsy send some. But I got good ones of everyone else (almost).

Men! I do love men.

What did I do when I came home? I did stuff around the house, have seen many episodes of Grey's Anatomy, ran the payroll (the most satisfying thing I did all weekend, besides the parade) and... well... Soon I'll go to bed.

This is not the only reason I love being at work but it is one of them. I had a little too much free time. Luis and I had plans and they flew out to Illinois. Otherwise it would have been a more action-packed three days.

What a gripping life I do lead.


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