Remember Fred?

I met Fred on Monday, 4 August 2008. He was sitting on my hammock with me making short work of flies.

I surely could have kept Fred fed this afternoon with the mosquitoes although maybe he only ate flies. I would have given my eye teeth for anything that ate mosquitoes, providing they didn't want to snack on me when done with the flying blood banks. Then again, they'd never run out of the bloody (pun intended) mosquitoes!

I was very happy in my hammock from around 13:30 until 18:30, when in the westering sun, the mosquitoes began to show up. I didn't think they'd be out that early. At least eight of them got me without my knowing it but one alighted on my arm and I happened to see him and kill hi-- oh, sorry, her (only female mosquitoes drink blood). I killed a second one on the back of my left leg, and got blood - mine - so I packed it up as fast as I could amidst stinging and got the hell out of there!

My own back yard went from haven to hell in the space of a few minutes!


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