Sunday Seven - Episode #316

This week, we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. Those of us who work in television will also be happy for Thursday because it will be the first day after November sweeps!

For many families, Thanksgiving means a huge spread of food. In some cases, there are dishes that are only pulled out on Thanksgiving. This week’s question focuses on that kind of food, although I’m opening up the topic to any holiday: are there foods you generally only eat during holiday meals? If so, this week’s question should be easy to stomach.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!
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Name seven dishes you generally only eat on or around holidays.

1. Spiral-cut ham is always my first choice for any feast. My parents are not up to holiday dinners and Luis' father lives with us but is such a horrendous cook, we don't eat with him. Thanksgiving is a dinner we don't go to any longer as well, because I'm always on call for it, but that is okay with me, as I really, intensely dislike turkey!

2. Challah bread is one of those things that if I ever thought of it during the course of the normal year, I would get it. But we always either get it or in the old days, my mother would make it. That's the only thing I have ever seen her bake. (She never cooked or baked and I took right after her!)

3. Homemade applesauce: my grandfather (Ray's father) would actually make real applesauce from the apples he got from an enormous apple tree. It always looked strange to me because it was green, but it tasted wonderful.

4. Lemon chicken: Once I reached a certain age where I was no longer required to choke down turkey (I really do dislike it incredibly), Ray would make very strong lemon chicken for me. I mean strong, too. I eat lemons on my own and he knew that, so he would put in a lot of extra lemon in it, so I would really enjoy it.

5. Mixed berries in fresh cream: this is a rarity, the type of dessert now found in really pricey places to eat. But so worth every penny. My grandmother (Harry's mother) used to sometimes make it. I ate every piece of fruit and licked the cup after for every drop of the cream! Yum!

6. Red Rhubarb: I have no idea what the dish is called or if there is a formal name for it, but when my grandparents (Harry's parents) grew rhubarb, they'd save some of it to make into a treat for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I couldn't tell you how it was prepared, but it was delicious and very tart (which, as you know, is my favourite of the four flavours) and it always tasted SOOOOO good! We were there only ones who had that as a holiday staple.

7. Homemade cookies: And not just any homemade cookies; my grandmother (Harry's mother) had a multitude of recipes that she made the richest most tasty butter-based cookies ever. I always helped make them. I wish I could recall half the cookies she made. I haven't tasted them in many, many years,now.

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My mother made homemade applesauce and I've been known to do so myself. I have a hard time finding the right apples, though. The one orchard we used to get yellow transparent apples from is no longer there! I should make more of an attempt to find some as there is nothing like homemade applesauce!

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