Sunday Seven - Episode #317

Is everyone over his or her “turkey coma?” If you’re like me, you ate plenty more than you should have over the Thanksgiving weekend. You may still be enjoying leftovers!

Your menu over the past few days is the topic of this week’s question.
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Name seven Thanksgiving treats you’ve enjoyed over the past few days.

1. Small spiral cut ham: I intensely dislike turkey and its tryptophan, so we eat ham. I'm grateful to pigs for giving up their meat to make my Thanksgiving meal just wonderful - and better than turkey!

2. Applesauce: what is ham without applesauce? It isn't... at least, it is not the same.

3. Rye bread: Well, all that meat and sauce needs to be offset with something else. So I added bread.

4. Cherry pie: If you have not clued in to the fact that I am a fussbudget, this should be the final hint - most people have pumpkin pie or maybe pecan pie, but I don't like those. I really don't like any pie but I'm willing to try cherry pie.

5. Walnuts: I love this time of year; finally there are whole walnuts in the shells, for me to eat!
That's really all I have. I dislike vegetables, potatoes and yams, so none of those make the list. I also don't drink anything alcoholic, so nothing to list there, either.
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