The Queen's Meme: #101 The Miscellaneous the Queen Needs Sleep Meme

7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

It' been a lonnnnng week. Queen is tired. Before I snuggle under the covers tonight, let me set before you a totally random set of questions. They just popped off the top of my pencil head five minutes ago. Freshly baked for you!  I can barely keep my eyes open. Got any toothpicks?  I know you will come up with entertaining and maybe even earth-shattering answers. The world could use a little shaking up. Just don't wake ME up. Goodnight!

The Queen's Meme #101 ~ 
The Miscellaneous-Queen-Needs-Sleep Meme

1. All your dominoes just fell down. Who pushed them? It has to be the cat - the first cat, Siobhan. She would do it just to piss me off to tell me to feed her. That is the kind of cat she is, evil creature!

2. Have you ever danced in a car? Well, not full-body dancing - how would I stand up? But bouncing up and down in the seat... all the time! I love music. I always, always, always have my iPod hooked up or a CD playing.
3. What is your horoscope reading today? I don't believe in astrology at all. I'm an astronomy person. I have no idea what the astrology thing says and I never look it up. I don't buy into the one-size-fits-all stuff that is in the local paper or online.

4. The iPhone just gave birth to the next generation of phones. What would you call them? The iStupid Device! I agree with my husband. The smart phones have given the stupid people a voice. Look on Facebook. How many people are so addicted to it that they go on just to write really insipid things like "good morning" or "I have to use the loo" or "I ate bacon and eggs" - really? Is this the most stimulating thing you can say? Yikes! And the spelling and grammatical errors just push me over the edge. If you cannot write in your one and only language, you should not be on social networking sites! (Is that just me or am I right? Maybe I am too fussy... but I don't think so!)

5. Do you believe Justin Bieber should take a paternity test? For what? Did this little kid impregnate someone? Eeeeiiuuuwww! What a hideous thought. (I don't read the news...)

6. Occupy Wall Street. Occupy this. Occupy that. What would you most like to occupy? Right now, my old job! I miss working. I did the Occupy Wall Street protest in October, in Liberty Park on Wall Street. I was a part of it. Now it is kind of old and done. I guess it is tough to let go and move on to something new for some.

7. What is the last groovy thing you did? Tonight, my husband and I saw Tower Heist at a dinner theatre that was like flying first class with a full meal and a seat that was huge, padded, with a foot rest and it was a great movie, too! What's not cool about that?!

Shhhhh!!! The first person to make a noise is going to the dungeon.
See you next week. I promise to be awake for the meme.


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