WTF Wedneday - 16 Nov: Pregnant Hitchhiker Denies Your Friends Request

1) Marc over at Marc and Angel Hack Life recently shared the 30 books that he's glad he read before he turned 30. What is one book you're really glad you read? Wow. I have read thousands of books, and I'm grateful for reading most of them. This is extremely hard to answer with all the reading I do. And the answer is probably different at any given time, since the book I'm thinking of maybe different tomorrow (or five minutes from now). At this moment, I would say I am very happy that I have read The Planets by Dava Sobel; it took astronomy and turned it into art, poetry and scientific knowledge - the best of all worlds!

Here is an excerpt from Genesis (The Sun):

"At totality, when the Moon is a pool of soot hiding the bright solar sphere, and the sky deepens to a crepuscular blue, the Sun's magnificent corona, normally invisible, flashes into view. Pearl and platinum-colored streamers of coronal gas surround the vanished Sun like a jagged halo. Long red ribbons of electrified hydrogen leap from behind the black Moon and dance in the shimmering corona. All these rare, incredible sights offer themselves to the naked eye, as totality provides the only safe time to gaze at the omnipotent Sun without fear of requital in blindness."

2) What's the weirdest pregnancy craving you've heard of? They are all weird - it is the nature of the beast.

3) What's the most ridiculous reason you've ever heard for someone getting a divorce? Kim Kardashian... or is it her reasons for getting married? So hard to know...

4) One of Tuesday's trending topics on Twitter was "What You Find In Ladies' Handbags." What are a couple things you never leave home without? My binder - I should say my Franklin-Covey organiser - and my iPod. I don't really carry a purse... such a stupid and impractical thing.

5) What's the oldest piece of clothing you have in your closet? Do you still wear it? Oh, sure I do. To both questions - I have a lot of older clothing. I ditched all of my business clothing with great pleasure once I stopped working, which was the best decision (I kept one or two things just in case I need to dress up for something) and recently bought jeans and some flannel shirts (mens) from Eddie Bauer, one of my absolute favourite places. But I still have L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer clothing from 20 years ago that are in excellent shape. I don't toss out clothing I love to wear and I don't toss it anyway, I give it to Good Will or the Salvation Army.

6) If you had your own radio show, how would you sign off or end the show? What would you say? Wow. I have no idea. Maybe, "This is Apollo 13, we are at Stable 1, signing off." It's my favourite movie to quote.

7) Have you ever picked up (or would you ever pick up) a hitchhiker? No, to both questions. Not a chance. I have lived my whole life in New Jersey, and this is not recommended. Not ever.

8) If you sent a "friend request" on Facebook to someone you knew very well, and they denied the request, what do you do? Nothing - although occasionally I accidentally send another message, not realising I sent one months ago without response. Life goes on just because someone doesn't wanna be my friend on Facebook. And it is incredibly rare that I de-friend anyone. You would really, really have to work hard to offend me.

I know that this is it for you with the meme, but I just wanted to say that I will really miss your memes. I may not always have gotten to them right away, but at some point I did and I always thoroughly enjoyed them. I hope that at some point, you might give it another go. If not, good luck and fortune and enjoy whatever you are doing! Thanks for all the fun and thought-worthy questions!


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