WTF Wednesday - Writing Sketch Comedies & Novels About Impersonators

1) With National Plan Your Epitaph Day being celebrated this week, what would you like to have written on your gravestone? "He who dies with the most money is still dead." Thank you, Nancy!

2) This week, some churches and dentists across the U.S. "bought back" unwanted Halloween candy, many of them sending the candy purchased overseas to deployed soldiers. What would you do with candy you were given that you didn't want? Wow... I don't recall. I shared it with my parents or tossed it, I guess. I suppose now I'd just keep it out for others to eat. Most candy doesn't go bad, really.

3) What do you do with mail that comes to your home addressed to past residents (forward it, trash it, open it, line your bird's cage with it, etc.)? The first six months we owned this house and the first house, we gave it back to the post office to forward it to the previous owners. After that, they went into the garbage. If I get someone else's mail, I'll walk it down to their house or give it back to my mailman, who is a sweetheart and will make the fix.

4) November is National Novel Writing Month, and thousands of writers will try to start and complete an entire novel by Nov. 31. If you were to write a book this month, what would the topic be? My shady past as a Human Resources Manager and an EMT... because no one could make that shit up!

5) Last week Fox announced that an updated version of its 1990-94 sketch comedy show "In Living Color" will be created and will air this spring. What do you think of sketch comedy? I generally have a lot of trouble with television humour. I have to admit I have no idea what sketch humour is. After that, I have to say that while many find slapstick humour funny, I do not - not even a little. I loved movies like You've Got Mail and Heaven Help Us but hated Airplane, Something About Mary and Raising Arizona. I just don't find that funny. My husband tells me all the time that I have no sense of humour but that is overdoing it. I do have an excellent sense of humour, but slapstick is stupid, not humour. Verbal jousting, that is humour! I never could watch Saturday Night Live. I suspect I could not watch this, either. I'm not sure if I've ever seen In Living Color.

6) If you were on a trip to Los Angeles and took a walk down Hollywood Boulevard, would you want to have your photo taken with any of the impersonators who patrol the street? (The impersonators include people dressed up as real people like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga and as fictional characters from comic books, movies/TV shows, and cartoons.) Um... I might. I'd make it clear that the ones impersonating living persons were listed as impersonators. I'd go for Marylin Monroe and Elvis before Lady Gaga, but that is just me.

7) Do you have nicknames for any of your neighbors which you use to describe them to other people? You know, I know almost none of my neighbours, although the newer ones in the house behind us earned the nickname Tree Killers, because they cut down a whole bunch of the trees bordering our property. I have to say that we on the squad (First Aid squad) have given all of our frequent fliers nicknames, whether it is their address (for example, if I were a frequent flier, I would be 16 Crescent. But then there are - or were - others, such as Naked Porno Guy. Only ask about him if you really, really want to know...

8) Speaking of your neighbors... have any of your neighbors ever witnessed you doing something embarrassing (or vice versa)? I'd have to imagine that it has worked out both ways, but I can't think of anything specific.


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