WTF Thursday - My Heart is a Sandwich & Bacon Bowl

1) In Gym Class Heroes' song "Stereo Hearts," the singer says his heart is a stereo. If you were to compare your heart to an inanimate object, what object would it be? Um... an ambulance? Maybe a siren. I don't know! In the song Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Chris Martin sings, "Every siren is a symphony." I agree. When you ride on the rig, it is true.

2) Thursday used to be a must see television night. Name some shows you think are “must see” TV. I think Thursday night is still the top night for television, so I was quite disappointed when CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was moved to Wednesday night - it was a clear demotion. And then one of the new shows, Suburgatory, has been moved from Friday night (the lowest rated night after Saturday) to Wednesday, which I will happily admit was deserved - Suburgatory is a great show! As for shows I would advocate, I'm sure you can imagine my tastes: Castle, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Suburgatory, Body of Evidence, Drop Dead Diva, Suits, Harry's Law, A Gifted Man, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, and some others. I used to enjoy to some extent Private Practice, an offshoot of Grey's, but I feel it has become miserable. Shonda Rhimes seems to only be happy if all of the characters are not. I have had that issue every so often with Grey's Anatomy, but they seem to have fixed that so that there are plenty of humourous moments as well as serious ones.

3) Today (Nov. 3) is Men Make Dinner Day, which is aimed at the men who never cook, and also is National Sandwich Day. If someone was to make you a sandwich for dinner tonight, what would you want on your sandwich? The same thing I usually do: ham with honey mustard on a rye bagel. Yum!

4) If you had an iPhone with its new Siri app, would you ask it random, stupid questions (like I'm dying to do) or would you just ask serious questions? I wouldn't do anything with it. Funny you should mention  this. Siri is Iris backward, did you know that? And my husband got an iPhone two weeks ago and it is incredibly annoying. And yes, he asks it all kinds of stupid questions. Unreal.

5) The New York Times has published the eulogy given by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' sister which says that Steve's last words were "Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow." What would you want to be your last words, if you could pick? Um... hmmmm. I haven't the faintest idea. Maybe that's what I should say...!

6) KFC has introduced a new item to its menu -- a Cheesy Bacon Bowl, containing bacon, corn, chicken, cheese, gravy and mashed potatoes thrown together in a bowl. People seem to have mixed opinions on the appeal of KFC's bowls. Would you eat (or have you already eaten) one of these bowls? No, but then, I would not eat anything at KFC! I really have little use for fast food.

7) Do you parallel park your vehicle or do you drive around until you find a parking spot that isn't a parallel parking space? I usually attempt to find a normal parking space first. But I am unwilling (and nearly unable) to walk a crazy distance to get to a store. So I will give up and attempt to parallel park which means being uncharacteristically patient - I really am not good at this. However, I found something even worse - traffic circles! Yeah. I had to go through several of them on Monday and it was a nightmare. I even got pulled over (by the most adorable cop) and he did let me go - especially after I told him I was there to visit PL Custom Ambulance and he asked where I am an EMT - but he laughed at me when I said there are no traffic circles where I am. I thanked him for pulling me over - he apologised for it and I said, "No, I'm grateful you did - at least you are doing your job!" He smiled at that and let me go. What a sweetheart!

8) Have you ever been able to finish a Rubik’s Cube? Huh, not without peeling off the stickers and re-adhering them in the right position. Now I understand there is a formula on the Internet that tells one how to do this. Of course, I have one with ten on each side and I have no idea how to do that...


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