Annual Physical 2007

This took place on Wednesday, 19 December. I awoke around 0800, jumped in the shower and spent some time on their, taking my off the hunger issues. I wasn't too hungry, but it was definitely getting to be time to eat something.

I went into the doc's office and he immediately commented on my smaller size. I was appreciative but when we did the new weigh in against the old one, I'm down from 205lbs to 170lbs!! How much did I love that?

The nurse checked most things out and took blood from one arm, and then did the turberculosis titer. I was hoping this wouldn't be so obvious.... but crazy nurse drew a huge red circle on my arm! Like I couldn't find the titer mark! Well, everyone knew it was there. But it was negative, as I knew it would be, and I can only assume that this is the case across the board. No one's called.

Still... 30lbs! Everything else is gravy!


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