Bad Weather Comin'!

When I woke up this morning, the snow that was supposed to start falling at 0600 was falling at 0730 and had already blanketed the ground. It was white. I get the feeling it began snowing quite some time prior to 0600. Originally it would snow, then rain. Yuck. I thought I'd live with out that sort of mess. But now I read this:

"Two nasty storms, one bound for the Northeast, the other for the Northwest, will intensify this evening and tonight.

The northeastern storm has temporarily lost a bit of its punch, but will strengthen rapidly over the next 18 hours. Sleet and freezing rain will increase in coverage and intensity this evening from central to southeastern New York state and also over northeastern Pennsylvania. Snow will spread from eastern New York into Vermont, New Hampshire, and most of southern New England.

New York City may see a little sleet over the next several hours, but exclusively rain after that. Boston will initially have some light snow and sleet this evening, but probably mostly rain by tomorrow morning.

In the Pacific, an unusually large and rapidly intensifying storm south of the Aleutian Islands will hurl hurricane-force winds and 40-foot seas toward the Oregon coast. Conditions will be at their worst--and most dangerous--tomorrow morning.

Snow levels will rise as the storm center itself barrels toward the Queen Charlotte Islands, but in the meantime, winter storm warnings remain posted for Washington's Olympic Mountains and from the Cascades eastward to the mountains of Idaho and western Montana.

More details on these storms will be available in the National Forecast."

I'm hoping that they will be wrong, but the very real likelihood is that they won't. There is nothing to do but wait. We shall see what the dawn will bring.


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