One Student Yoga!


I was it - the one student. Student? Well... the only class attendee. Wahoo! I loved it. Millie was good, but if she only had one attendee, whe would not have done the class. We did have a couple where there were two of us (still very good) but this night I had John all to myself. We went through some of the warm up exercises and then he asked me what poses or exercises would I like to do, since this is my class? I thought for a moment and told him about my back troubles and so we began to work on that.

Standing poses are usually pretty good for me but I got so much more out of this than if this had been my first class, or with other attendees. He's had four classes to see my poses and know where I was going wrong with them. So taking past observances and the opportunity to have me do poses not normally introduced when there are six of us, he was able critique each and every movement and push me to a new level.

I already know that I hyperflex my knees... I have been doing that all of my life, so even though it is wrong and bad, it feels right and familiar. What I did not know is that even when I was sure I WASN'T hyperflexing my wretched knees, I still really was doing that. Hmmm. So he was really able to help me with that.
I got a lot of praises for my flexibility with my legs. I can do some positions so well, he thought I have been doing yoga for many, many years! By the same token, there are some positions that I can hardly do at all - or not without modifying them. But I came out of this very happy.

We went through a whole plethora of poses - floor exercises, wall exercises, standing, balancing (harder for me with the MD), stretching, strengthening, the whole nine yards. We worked out and hard for over 90 minutes. And then during the relaxation part, he did the same thing as last week, something he calls Raki (sp?). It has to do with channeling one's ancestors.

You know me... I am the first to scoff at such a thing but always fascinated by it. I'll have to look at that...

What a class, though! One-on-one yoga! Very cool!


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