Can I Do It?

I had said earlier in the winter that I'd like to end out the year with 365 or more postings to average out to one post a day over the course of 2007. I'm not too far from doing it, but amusing, I will have to put up roughly four posts a day to pull it off. I can manage that, although some of it will undoubtedly come from articles and what-have-you amoung other things to allow me to manage that number.

Sadly, it is not a lack of materials that ties me up but time. Isn't it always time... The fulltime job and the volunteer job and the insanity of the holidays and all the normal stuff in between, like ebaying and yoga and a multitude of other things... all contributors to lack of time to do this. Still, I love my life, I'm finally right where I want to be and -oh, did I mention? - 30 pounds - that's right, POUNDS! - Thinner! Wahoo! Is that honking great or what?!

Yes, there has been a lot going. And I will put in separate posts to illustrate the many things!


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